How To Make Pancakes: 6 Ingredient Pancakes

The perfect pancake is hard to come by, but a homemade pancake always beats a pancake mix.

Keep reading to find out how to make pancakes…

How To Make Pancakes

This recipe
Makes approximately 20 pancakes
Is super easy to make
Only takes 20 – 30 minutes

The tools you will need
A measuring cup or jug
A frying pan
A medium to large bowl
A whisk
A sieve
A spatula (or something you can use to flip the pancakes over in the pan).

The ingredients you will need
Self raising flour (100g)
Milk (semi-skimmed, skimmed or full fat, approximately 300ml)
2 eggs
Wholemeal flower (100g)
Cooking oil or cooking spray

For the toppings, here’s a few ideas…
Maple syrup
Whipped cream
Or you could check out these alternative pancake topping ideas from Good Housekeeping, click here to see them!

The Recipe: Pancake Recipe: 6 Ingredients Pancakes

Step 1
Start by sifting all of the flour into the bowl. Then separate the eggs (split the yolk out) and add the two egg yolks to the flour. But be sure to keep the egg whites in a separate bowl, we’re going to need them in the next step.
After that, you can add the milk to the eggs and flour.

Step 2
Now take the egg whites that we just separated in Step 1 and whisk them, then add them to the bowl with the yolks, flour and milk.

Step 3
Heat your frying pan using cooking oil, or cooking spray and pour in your mixture until it reaches the preferred amount. Next, you can fry your pancakes until crispy and golden (or as desired).

Step 4
Serve up! You can find some topping suggestions at the top of this post.

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