Best Meditation Apps and Their Benefits

Meditation Practice is something that has become more popular recently. Mindfulness and Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety.

From apps that offer breathing exercises to those that provide guided meditation, these are my top picks.

Best Meditation Apps: Outdoor Space Image

In this article, I have outlined my 6 best Meditation Apps, I hope you find them as useful as I do.

Headspace App: You can download it here.
Good for:
– Guided Meditation
– Meditation on-the-go.

Headspace was the first Meditation App that I came across and I’m still a frequent user of the app. Andy’s voice (the speaker) is really soothing and in just 10 minutes, I feel a lot less stressed than when I started.

Calm: You can download it here.
Good for:
– A selection of different programmes to choose from
– Noises and sounds features .

Calm is another highly rated Meditation App. I particularly like the addition of the nature sounds which are useful for me when I’m battling insomnia.

Insight Timer: You can download it here.
Good for:
– A wide range of meditations to choose from, for free
– An extra added ‘sleep’ section.

Insight timer offers tonnes of meditations that are free to use. What I particularly like about Insight Timer is the tracker that enables you to monitor your progress as you go. This is done through charts and milestones.

Glo – Yoga and Meditation: You can download it here.
Good for:
– Incorporation of yoga routines
– In-app recommendations.

As someone who practices yoga regularly, I’m here to fully recommend the Glo Yoga App. I find that making time for a few minutes of meditation and a quick yoga practice first thing in the morning sets be up for a better day.

10% Happier Meditation App: You can download it here.
Good for:
– Different categories of meditation
– The added feature of video lessons.

I really like 10% Happier’s unique take on meditation and well-being. You can start by testing it for 7 days for free before you join, it’s worth a go!

Inscape App: You can download it here.
– A store built-into the app to purchase well-being products
– In-app recommendations tailored directly to you.

Inscape is a really slick looking app with all the mod-cons. I love the addition of the ‘playlists’ section. My favourite thing about Inscape is the endless ways you can personalise the app to your own needs.

Share your favourite meditation tips or apps that you use in the comments below!

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