Productivity Tips: How To Be Productive

Achieve your goals and hit peak productivity with these hacks, tips and tricks to keep you focused.

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Productivity: Making Notes

Set goals that are actually achievable
Let’s face it, you’re doing yourself no favours by setting a to-do list longer than the Empire State Building. Lay out tasks that you know you can meet in any given time frame. Break up large tasks into smaller tasks. Avoid putting so much pressure on yourself. In my honest opinion, little by little is the way forward when it comes to productivity.

Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail
No one walks into an exam knowing none of the syllabus and passes (unless you are a certified genius, then Kudos). But seriously, realise that practice makes perfect. It’s simple: energy + time = success. (By the way, I love Zen Habits’ article on how to become ‘Amazingly Great At Something’, you should check it out here).

Focus on the smaller picture
OK – so this is an unpopular opinion. But more often than not, if you focus on the bigger picture you only dwell on the mountain of time and effort it’s going to take to get there. Instead, embed your productivity in incremental steps.

Set yourself rewards
Whether it’s a simple list that you get fulfilment from crossing off, or a meal at a fancy restaurant, however simple or extravagant. Give yourself the praise you deserve for being the most productive version of yourself. Then next time you will be focusing on the reward ahead instead of the effort it’s going to take to get there.

Keep stress levels to a minimum
Productivity relies heavily on your wellbeing (check out my article on how to relax and unwind). If you are stressed, exhausted or over-worked then I bet your productivity levels are going to be pretty low too. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself, good things take time. Productivity doesn’t happen over night.

Find ‘your space’
A good working environment does wonders for productivity. Surround yourself in a sanctuary of things that bring you joy. Personally, I love soft smells like lavender and vanilla, so I have a tonne of room sprays around my home. Find your joy, and incorporate it into your space.

Realise that rest is important
It’s as simple as that really, your body needs rest. Without doing so, you risk over-working yourself and that brings us back to the stress point (see above).

Limit social media
*Gulp*, I hear you. It’s so easy to open an app and get lost in a pit of stories, dog posts and motivational quotes. But if you’re anything like me – it’s a total waste of time. Use your phone to limit your time spent on Social Media Applications. Trust me, it’s worth it and your future productive-self will be thankful.

Above all: stay focused
There will be knock-backs and there will be bad days, we all have ’em. Don’t let that bring you down, use it as your focus and motivation to keep going. Productivity is in the horizon. You’re not quitter.

That brings us to the end of this article folks, I hope I helped you embrace your inner productivity, and if you have any more ideas then don’t forget to share in the comments below.

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