22 Date Ideas: Creative, Cheap and Fun Date Ideas

Whether you are looking for cheap date ideas, day dates or date night ideas then this is the list for you.

Fun date ideas are sometimes hard to think up, so I’ve done the hard work for you already. I’m confident there’s something for everyone here.

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Date Ideas

On a budget date ideas

If you are looking for date ideas on a budget, then these are for you…

A romantic movie-night in or a movie day/night marathon
Why not take it in turns to pick a movie, or watch old black and white movies
Have a baking day/evening where you cook lots of delicious food and treats
Find some delicious recipes online and make them together.
Create an at-home dinner date, set the table and cook
Get the restaurant-feel without the prices, make a delicious meal and set the table with candles and place-mats.
Bag up a picnic and go for a walk
This is a great activity for the summer time. Whether you live near a beach, mountain or the country-side, take some time outdoors.
Go on a hike (perfect in the summer!)
It’s nice to get some fresh air together and spend quality time together whilst getting some exercise too!
Do some cocktail making at home
Have fun experimenting with new flavours or cocktails you have always wanted to try.
Go to a free museum or art studio
Here’s a list of free museums and art galleries in the UK. Spending some time wandering round and talking about which you like best!
Go window shopping
This is really fun – you could pretend your designing your dream home.
Go camping for the weekend
Leave the phones behind and have some quality time together.
Do some furniture up-cycling together
If you have some old furniture that needs some TLC, or need to re-paint a room – do it together!
Do some crafts (painting, writing)
Grab some paints. Maybe you could even have a go at drawing portraits of one another.
Have an all-day video-game competition
If you’re into gaming then this can be super fun. Note: it can get competitive!
Go through old photo albums and make a collage
This is really fun to do and at the end you have a new collage to hang up so you can see the memories every day.
Teach yourselves a new skill online
Whether it’s a new instrument or a new language – learning something new together can be really exciting!

Other date ideas…

Go for a meal at the newest restaurant in town 
Be one of the first to try it out! If they are new, look out for new dining offers too.
Take a class together
From cooking classes to creative design classes I’m sure you can find something! I’d recommend checking out Groupon for cheap deals.
Go out for a sweet treat
Going out just for cake is way more exciting than it sounds!
Go to a theme park for the day
This one is for the thrill-seekers!
Go to a pub quiz
A little healthy competition never hurts, right?
Go bar / restaurant hopping
Try small dishes (or different cocktails) at different bars and rate them as you go.
Spend a day at the cinema
Watch two or three films, you’ll be amazed at the amount of popcorn you can eat!
Go to a concert for a band/artist none of you have seen before
Discover something new, together.

I hope you enjoy my ideas, why not leave yours in the comments below? Alternatively, if you enjoyed this article you might like my post on hobby ideas too. Find it here!

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