Best Books To Read | Must Read Books 2019

The reading list below is full of great books and I think they are amongst the top books to read.

From understanding mental health to thrillers, this reading list has something for everyone.

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Best books to read in 2019

Best books to read: Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

Good for: life advice, guidance. How to avoid being stressed in a stressful world. Definitely one of the best books to read.

I initially purchased this book as it was on the Sunday Times Best Sellers list and the cover looked cool. (I’m embarrassed to say that’s the reason I bought it). But this book has actually completely changed my outlook on life. What I really liked about Notes on a Nervous Planet is that it contains small anecdotes from Matt himself. On top of that, I really liked the structure of the book. It’s as if you can track Haig’s thought process as he wrote the book, as you read through it.

Throughout the book, Haig uses lists which effectively balance out positives and negatives of different scenarios, they are short, snappy and allow us to subconsciously nod along as we realise everything he is writing is so utterly true.

Social media has really shortened our attention span with Instagram stories being anything from 3 – 10 seconds so Matt is completely aware of this as he writes in small chapters. This captures the audience who need to read this book most.

I’d recommend following Matt Haig on Instagram, he often posts little tips on living with mental health.

Best Books To Read: Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell

Good for: a thriller that you won’t want to put down until all is revealed.

This was the first book I bought on my Kindle, it was so good I am actually planning to read it again at some point.

If you like thrillers that are unpredictable and gripping then I definitely recommend Silent Victim. A lot of people are talking about this book right now and I can see why.

I look forward to reading more from Mitchell.

Best Books To Read: Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

Good for: romance, science-fiction and an overall heart-warming experience

So I’m honestly struggling to put into words how much I admired Flowers for Algernon. If I had to pick just one book from my list for everyone to read, it would be Flowers for Algernon. I experienced so many emotions whilst reading Flowers for Algernon. It made me laugh, cry and feel angry. I think it’s impressive to portray such a wide scope of emotions in one book.

Written in the form of diary entries; this novel is one that has really touched me. It’s fair to say it’s one of the best books I have ever read. The story shows you just how you don’t need intelligence or material things to be happy. Happiness comes from within and your treatment of others.

Best Books To Read: The Woman in The Window by A.J. Finn

Good for: a thriller with an unexpected ending and twists and turns throughout.

I have recommended The Woman in The Window to so many people. It’s your classic thriller but has so many twists. As the book turns a lot of unexpected corners, it’ll definitely keep you hooked. I think I read this in about three days because I just had to get to the end. I would liken The Woman in The Window book to Gone Girl or The Girl on The Train – it has a very similar vibe. The novel is based around a woman who suffers from agoraphobia and her internal battles. It’s a must-read!

Best Books To Read: Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline

Good for: an understanding of history and the lives of others. Especially an insight into Orphan Trains, which existed around 1854 – 1929. More information on Orphan Trains can be found here.

Orphan Train was a warm read which made me smile a lot. The book is easy to read and gave me great insight into Orphan Trains and the reality of them. The story goes through a lot of heart-breaking moments but the ending is one to remember, which left me gleaming.

Vivian is one of the main characters and has a lot to tell and share in the novel. I enjoyed following her stories and learning more about the history of Orphan Trains.

Best Books To Read: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Good for: an understanding of the conflicts of living in Japan as a Korean.

Pachinko is set in 20th Century Korea and Japan and one family’s tale of it all. You watch the family grow through generations as they find new ways to make a living and simply ‘get by’.

Before reading Pachinko, I’m embarrassed to say I knew little to nothing about Korean history. But the insights I have gained from Pachinko have been second to none.

I got really attached to the characters in the novel and enjoyed reading through their life choices. A story of how people must adapt in order to make a living. It’s definitely worth a read if you’d like to learn but with the added fiction.

I hope these books find grateful readers, why not share your favourite books in the comments section below? Or click here to go back to the home page to find more articles.

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  1. I love your short, snappy, yet conscise reviews of the books Laura! I definitely think that Notes on a Nervous Planet (As mental health is very important to me) Flowers For Algernon (as I love a book full of emotions!) and The Woman in the Window (as I loved Gone Girl and A Girl on the Train!) are books that I will recommend for our bookclub. Thank you! X

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