Hobby Ideas: 16 Hobbies That You Can Start Right Now

If you’re looking for new hobby ideas, or have been wondering ‘what hobby can I start?’ then stop right here because I’m going to give you lots of ideas of new hobbies to try out.

Some of these hobbies I have tried myself, and others I have on my to-do list to get started with. I have divided the list into different categories to help you decide on a hobby based on where your interests lie. I hope these hobby ideas help spark some creativity!

Creative hobby ideas
If you have a naturally artistic or creative spark, then this category is definitely for you. Incorporating crafts keeps your mind healthy and unleashes a spark, what I like about crafting is you can often make items that you can look back on and keep forever, which is really inspiring and motivating.

1. Drawing and painting
I recently bought a sketch book and some paints from The Works. I really enjoy painting as it really is an escape and even though I’m not naturally artistic, I enjoy transferring thoughts onto a page. In addition, drawings and paintings make a really thoughtful gift.

2. Knitting, sewing and crochet
If you have patience and a lot of motivation, then I’d really recommend knitting, sewing and crochet. Similarly with drawing and painting, it’s a really relaxing gobby.

You can teach yourself to do these online, here are a few of my favourite websites:
Crochet for beginners with thesprucecrafts.com
Learning to knit with thesprucecrafts.com
You could also learn to sew with contrado.co.uk

3. Colouring 
You can get some beautiful colouring books for adults nowadays which is a great distraction and stress reliever. Waterstones has a great collection of adult colouring books, check them out here.

4. Writing
There are so many different ways you can write, through poetry, short stories or even by creating a blog (if you’d like tips on getting started as a blogger, do contact me if you have any questions or are simply seeking advice, my contact information can be found here.

Musical hobby ideas
Today we are really lucky with the internet which opens so many doors for us. Music is one of the most powerful ways to express feelings and emotion. From music lessons to writing music, there’s something here for those on a budget and those who aren’t. Why not try…

5. Writing your own music
At first, this can seem a little random, especially if you haven’t written music before. But that’s the beauty of this one, there are absolutely no rules when it comes to music writing.

6. Take singing or instrument lessons
One of my biggest regrets at this point is not pursuing piano lessons when I was younger, and not taking them seriously. However, there are so many places that offer instrument lessons to adults. If you’re feeling super dedicated, you could even try buying an instrument and teaching yourself using online resources (hey, if Taylor Swift can do it, so can you!)

Mindfulness hobby ideas
If you’ve read my article on coping with anxiety or how to relax and unwind then you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate of mindfulness and all it stands for. Here are a few ways you can practice mindfulness through hobbies.

7. Yoga and meditation
This is something I try to do at least twice a week. The beauty of it? It’s free. I simply open up a YouTube video and begin my practice. There are so many variations on YouTube so I’d really encourage you to invest in a yoga mat (or your bedroom rug) and get started. Personally, I like to practice yoga just before bed as it relaxes me – but each to their own.

8. Learn more about mindfulness
There are so many books out there that have loads of information on mindfulness and its role, it’s totally worth reading up on mindfulness and its roots to get a full grip on your reasons behind practicing mindfulness.

Sports hobby ideas
So really I could just list a load of sports here and be done with it, but I have picked some of my favourite sporting hobby ideas and included them, but realistically, any sport will do.

9. Tennis
I like tennis because playing with a friend can be super motivational. Also, it’s one of those sports where you’re getting in a really good workout but it doesn’t really feel like it because it’s so enjoyable. Plus, you can get tennis rackets relatively cheap.

10. Horse riding
Horse riding is a hobby I have had since I was a young teen, although I have done it on and off it’s something that I always enjoy returning to. Over the past few months, horse riding is something I took back up after having a break and I enjoy every minute of it. If you’re going to get started I’d recommend starting with private lessons for a more one on one experience.

11. Running
I try to run two to three times a week. Often, I leave my phone at home and just listen to nature rather than music whilst running as it’s ‘me’ time where I can really be at one with my thoughts. The best thing about running as a hobby? It’s free! If you’re going to get started, I’d recommend downloading the Nike Running App, it’s a great way to track progress.

12. Rock climbing
This is a great hobby which helps you build strength both physically and mentally. There are rock climbing centres all over, it’s a hobby you can take up on your own or with friends.

Educational hobby ideas
13. Reading
Ok so I’m a total book worm, I love reading all books from thrillers to romance novels (I have included a list of my favourite books at the end of this article). I find reading one of the best ways to relax and unwind and once I start a book it’s hard for me to put it down. You could even create a book-club with friends to turn it into more of a social hobby.

14. Puzzles
This is a the perfect hobby if you’re looking for something more stimulating. As more of a hobby you’d do on your own, it’s the perfect way to pass time and it’s both enjoyable and engaging. You could even download a Suduko app on your phone so you can benefit from this on the go.

15. Teach yourself something new
Why not learn a new field? A great place to start is Coursera. It’s a huge website full of free (yes FREE) courses in so many different fields. It’s perfect if you’re looking to broaden or deepen your knowledge in any subject.

16. Learn a new language or brush up on an older one
Why not take up a new language class? I find Duolingo really good for practising, even just 5 minutes a day is worth it! The app is great because I can do it in-between meetings, on my lunch break or on public transport.

I hope these hobbies helped you decide on something to focus on, but please leave your favourite hobbies in the comments below so we can collate an even bigger list.

Finally, as promised, here’s a list of my all-time favourite books:
1. The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins
2. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee
3. Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

6 thoughts on “Hobby Ideas: 16 Hobbies That You Can Start Right Now

  1. I’ve picked a few new hobbies to get cracking with, one of them is yoga! It’s something I’ve been longing to do. But I’d also like to get a bit more creative, knitting is something I’ve tried and failed at!

    1. Yoga is one of my favourites too Charlotte. I’ve not tried sewing yet but I would love to hear how you get on!

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