Gift Ideas: The 3 Best Etsy Shops for Gifts

Whether you are searching for the perfect gift or simply want some gift ideas, then continue reading to find my favourite Etsy shops.

Etsy has become my favourite place to buy gifts because there are so many options. Littered with gift ideas lots of Etsy’s items are hand-made and can be personalised which makes any gift special. So here are my favourite Etsy shops.

Pick 1: ellmooredesigns
This is my favourite ‘new addition’ to Etsy. This is really a one-stop-shop and has a design for everyone, from notebooks to artwork. There are so many gift ideas! Run by Eleanor, this shop has the most beautiful illustrations. They make the perfect gift for those who take pride in their interiors, are art admirers, or for anyone who loves to travel. On Eleanor’s shop you can find illustrations from Newcastle Quayside to Rome, they are truly endearing.

London Skyline, £5.95+, available here.

Additionally, these works of art are super minimalist and would brighten up any wall. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of Eleanor’s designs! Also, they have made some fantastic gift ideas for family and friends.

You can find ellmooredesigns’s full Etsy shop by clicking here, and follow Eleanor’s journey on Instagram here.

Pick 2: LoveForWoodDesigns
This shop is an essential for any gift-buyer (click here to go straight to LoveForWoodDesign’s shop). Firstly, I really admire that this shop is family-run and made with natural wood. LoveForWoodDesigns has the perfect gift ideas for those who love a rustic-feel home.

Additionally, LoveForWoodDesigns offer a range of products, my favourite being the bath caddies (seriously, I use mine all the time). So there really is something for everyone, with items starting at £16 you’ll certainly not be stuck for gift ideas with LoveForWoodDesigns.

Love For Wood Design
Love For Wood Design

Handmade rustic Christmas sign, £20, available here.

One thing I would say about LoveForWoodDesigns is to watch this space (follow their Instagram, which you can find by clicking here). They are bringing out new products often and they sell fast – check out the reviews, they speak for themselves!

Pick 3: SweetSatsumas
Next, if you’re looking for a modern or fashionable gift then look no further than SweetSatsumas (click here to go right to the shop). This cute shop is run by Emma and the products are handmade. From trinket dishes to makeup brush holders to dog bowls (which are so adorable!) it’s hard to not buy something from Emma’s shop.

Personalised ring dishes, £10.99, available here.

I already have one of SweetSatsumas products myself and I can’t wait to purchase more. The products are beautiful and mine has had so many compliments! Discover SweetSatsumas’ Instagram by clicking here.

So there you have my three favourite Etsy shops right now. I really support small businesses on Etsy because they are made with love and patience and I love the personal touches. Plus, Etsy has so many gift ideas I could browse the site for hours.

That’s a wrap, if you have any questions about any of the shops above, feel free to contact me here. Finally, if you have any gift ideas of your own, be sure to share them in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Gift Ideas: The 3 Best Etsy Shops for Gifts

  1. I’m massively swooning over the ring dish, especially since I can see what one with my name 😍 I love watt but don’t order enough from there, it’s so good to support small business, especially this time of year xx

    1. Totally! Seriously love being able to personalise the gifts and talk directly with the seller. It makes the whole buying process simple and easy.

      I have bought 90% of my Christmas gifts this year from Etsy! 😊

  2. I’ve bought (most of) my stuff from small businesses this year and I always underrated it so much!! Not sure why. But I love seeing etsy shop guides I think it’s such a lovely and supportibe thing to do. And I loveee those ring dishes!!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! We should all always support small businesses.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post! ♥️

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