Winter Outfit Essentials: My Fashion Picks

If you’re looking for Winter style must-haves then look no further! Here I’ll outline my Winter outfit essentials.

Here are my Winter outfit essentials, why not share yours in the comments section at the end of the post?

Winter pick 1: a go-to cardigan


A cardigan that’s fit for every occasion is always a winner. My main advice here would be to invest in a cardi that is a ‘neutral’ colour so it goes with everything. Which is exactly why cardigans are one of my Winter outfit essentials.

For example, the one I’m wearing above is more of a burnt orange, which is great as it pairs really well with other neutrals. I love the looped look as it can add real flavour to a simple outfit. Mine is from New Look and you can find it here.

Winter pick 2: a duster coat


Ok, so I’m sure it’s no surprise that my coat is on this list. For those of you who follow my Instagram, you’ll already know that I’m obsessed with this coat. I got it from New Look a couple of years back and I practically live in it.

For me, a duster is one of my Winter outfit essentials because it’s classy and sophisticated. Whether wearing it draped over the shoulders, or with a scarf, it always looks stylish. What I really love about duster coats is that you can wear them both casually and smartly. Keep reading to see how I wore it alongside some patterned trousers.

I couldn’t find my exact one online, but here’s one really similar.

Winter pick 3: a pair of smart trousers


love trousers because they are (a) stretchy (b) super comfy (c) look really sleek. I really like wearing trousers in Winter because they look really sharp when paired with a simple ankle boot.

The great thing about smart trousers is that you can dress them both up and down. Paired with a casual top or jumper it can give you a real casual look. Alternatively, trousers and a patterned shirt are perfect for office-vibes.

Winter pick 4: patterns!


In Winter, I like to liven things up a tad by adding some patterns to my wardrobe. I have quite a few patterned shirts, but I’m always partial to some jazzy trousers too.

Either way, adding some patterns to your wardrobe is sure to give you an up-beat look – be bold!

Winter pick 5: a baggy jumper


Winter is bound to involve more days lounging around the house and remaining in-doors to stay cosy. For that, you definitely need a baggy jumper to keep you toasty and comfortable. The one I’m wearing in the photo above is from H&M.

I hope you enjoyed reading through my Winter fashion picks, can’t wait to hear yours!

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