What To Wear If You’re Pale: My Top Tips

If you’re wondering what to wear if you’re pale or how to style being pale then I can certainly help with that!

In case you haven’t already guessed, I’m super pale. So I’m speaking from personal experience.

Honestly, had I written this post around 5 years ago, I would have a totally different outlook. I used to cake myself in fake tan to the point of being orange thinking that it made me looked ‘better’ and ‘less pale’. I also used to think that black was the only colour for my pale complexion. But oh how far from the truth that is. It’s all about finding what to wear if you’re pale.

Today, I embrace my pale-ness – it’s who I am. I mean, don’t get me wrong I’m totally partial to Garnier’s Summer Body to add some glow but learning to dress for my complexion has been really exciting for me. I love finding new colours and makeup that works with my overall ‘look’.


What to wear if you’re pale: Tip 1: don’t shy away from bold, bright colours
So it’s really common to back away from intense colours in fear that it’ll ‘wash you out’ or make you appear paler. But this is really not true. I find that blues, pinks, lavender and other pastels can bring out a healthy glow. In terms of colours when thinking about what to wear if you’re pale – don’t shy away from bold and bright.


What to wear if you’re pale: Tip 2: don’t fall into the trap of sticking to dark colours
It’s really common to be naturally drawn to dark blacks, greys and greens. But these often contrast your complexion even more and make you look paler than you actually do. My top tip for dealing with dark colours would be to pair them with pastels or leafy browns. Alternatively, try adding some patterns to dark colours. For example, a black jumper and patterned trousers always gives the outfit more life.

What to wear if you’re pale: Tip 3: go nude
Nude is my favourite fashion colour – why? Because it works all year round. Whether it’s a nude pair of high-waisted shorts in Summer or a nude trench coat in Winter. It’s always got your back. In fact, I think it’s one of the only colours that suits all skin tones. Go wild with nude!


What to wear if you’re pale: Tip 1: reds and pinks
Red and pink lipstick works super well against pale skin. Drawing attention to your lips through colour often naturally warms your complexion. A quick Google Search of Emma Stone wearing red lipstick should be all the evidence you need.

What to wear if you’re pale: lipstick choices

What to wear if you’re pale: Tip 2: go easy on the blusher and bronzer
It can be super tempting to lather on the bronzer, but too much often verges on the side of orange rather than the ‘glimmer’ you’re going for because pale skin is way more sensitive to bronzed makeup (someone please try telling 15 year-old-me this!)

What to wear if you’re pale: Tip 3: browns, nudes and golds are your friends
When it comes to selecting an eyeshadow pallete, I now always stay away from dark purple, dark blue and black. These are way too harsh against my tones, and over time (from a lot of experimenting) I have found that less is more when it comes to eyeshadow. My favourite pallete at the moment is Bobbi Brown’s Party Glow Eye & Lip Pallete, you can find it here.

What to wear if you’re pale: golds

In terms of editing your photos, I have found that adding a little saturation and warmth to your images is often a great way to bring out the colours and undertones in your outfit and complexion.

I’d love to hear your tips for styling with a pale complexion, leave a comment below on your ideas for what to wear if you’re pale.

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