Revealed: Winter outfit essentials

If you're looking for Winter style must-haves then look no further! Here I'll outline my best Winter fashion picks, and what's in my Winter wardrobe this year. Autumn and Winter are my favourite time of year fashion-wise because they involve baggy jumpers, snuggly scarfs and BOOTS (I'm not sure whether to be embarrassed or impressed at the boot collection [...]

My 5 best Winter fragrances

Winter is all about smelling great and feeling cosy.In this article I have covered my favourite winter perfumes for women, I have trialled and tested each one, I'd love to hear your favourite Autumn/Winter fragrances in the comments below! For me, winter depicts scents of cinnamon, orange and spices. Sweet with a touch of spice [...]

Things that make me happy

The aim of this blog is for me to find happiness and enjoyment in sharing things that I love, exploring fashion, trying new products, sharing my experiences and just generally topics that I would like to raise awareness on. Aaaaaand breathe. So here's my happy list, enjoy! 1. My pup - world meet Lily, Lily [...]